Software & Informatics - LabSolutions Series

Title : Software & Informatics - LabSolutions Series

Content : Shimadzu introduced its first digital integrator in 1969. Since then, Shimadzu has been a leader in the field of processing chromatographic data. The Shimadzu laboratory software portfolio features a range of high-quality software solutions to fit any laboratory’s requirements and streamline your workflow.

Title : LabSolutions Sync

Content : Labor-saving and automation initiatives in laboratories continue to advance each year. To reduce costs even further, it is important not just to reduce instrument analysis times and pretreatment times individually, but to automate the workflow in its entirety. LabSolutions™ Sync synchronizes third-party software for pretreatment units with LabSolutions Realtime Batch and status information, enabling automation of systems, including pretreatment units. As a result, the entire laboratory workflow can be automated, leading to overall labor savings and cost reductions.

Title : LabSolutions CS

Content : LCs and GCs are used extensively in quality control and research and development departments in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. Recently, an increasing demand for food safety and environmental analysis and measurement has led to a dramatic increase in the number of samples being analyzed which, in turn, has resulted in demands for faster, easier-to-use instruments and software. In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance to regulations and guidelines, such as CSV and PIC/S GMP, U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity and so on, and the proper, efficient management of instruments and analytical data are required. With this background, faster, more efficient management of instruments and data is essential. LabSolutions is a network-compatible analysis data system capable of meeting these needs.

Title : LabSolutions™ DB

Content : LabSolutions DB integrates a data management function with LabSolutions and is compliant with the ER/ES Regulations. It is optimally configured for customers using a PC.

Title : LabSolutions™ LCGC

Content : With LabSolutions, both LC and GC systems are operated from the same software, enabling simultaneous control of multiple instruments from a single PC. The LC and GC instruments connected can be used in a flexible manner by switching between them. The shared LC and GC analysis operating environment, which inherits the operability of LCsolution and GCsolution, lessens the training time for workstation operations.

Title : LabSolutions GCMS

Content : LabSolutions DB/CS is the integration software for analytical instruments that complies with regulations regarding electronic records and signatures, such as "FDA 21 CFR Part 11" and "ER/ES guidelines". Data management with LabSolutions prevents overwriting or deleting analysis data. It also offers a complete suite of advanced security features to provide an optimal solution for data integrity.

Title : LabSolutions UV-Vis

Content : Shimadzu's simple design enables both first-time users and daily users to perform operations with confidence.

Title : LabSolutions IR

Content : Network-enabled as part of the LabSolutions family, LabSolutions IR is furnised with rich spectral libraries and a high-performance search functio as standard. Labor-saving macros provide for a higher level of automation and improved work efficiency.

Title : LabSolutions RF

Content : LabSolutions RF software was developed to be easy for anyone to understand and operate. From measurement to analysis, printing, and saving processes, windows are laid out in an easy-to-understand manner, which ensures that measurements can be performed easily

Title : LabSolutions TA

Content : A new design and enhanced functions that can be used at a glance. Intuitive operations that allow seamlessly performing the sequence of processes from measurement to analysis, and the outputting of reports. As part of the LabSolutions™ family, this software is network-compatible.

Title : LabSolutions SALD

Content : Providing Secure, Confident Data Management on a Network System! The SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer is now compatible with data integrity requirements. Connecting LabSolutions SALD to the LabSolutions system, with its proven compatibility with ER/ES regulations, enables confident, reliable data management. In addition to SALD data, consolidated management is available for LC, GC, and UV data.

Title : LabSolutions Balance

Content : In recent years, data tampering has caused a decline in the reliability of measurement data. To ensure the reliability of measurement data, or in other words data integrity, it is important to retain not only numeric measurement results, but also other measurement information, such as information about who measured the data, when, using which instruments, and under what conditions. Information about the operations involved is also important, including information about transcribing measurement values. Such information about measurement s is referred to as metadata, such that measurement results are considered reliable (with data integrity ensured) only if they include corresponding metadata.

Title : LabSolutions™ AG

Content : The Autograph precision universal testing machines are now compatible with the latest in data integrity. Connecting TRAPEZIUM X-V to the LabSolutions system, which provides ER/ES regulatory compliance, enables confident, reliable data management. In addition to Autograph data, consolidated management is available for LC, GC, and UV data.

Title : LabSolutions TOC

Content : LabSolutions™ TOC PC Software Enabling Simple, Intuitive Operation