Rock Mechanics Instruments

Title : Rock Mechanics Instruments

Content : With a strong and long-term partnership with well-known scientists, SANCHEZ TECHNOLOGIES has developed equipment able to reach such high conditions as temperature and pressure that no one can at this time even imagine. Ready and qualified, we are always looking for ways to improve results and quality for rock deformation studies, acoustic emission and measurement, porosity and permeability tests, seismic cycle or earthquake prevent.

Title : Triaxial Press Instruments

Content : o continue the development of its range of triaxial press, ST has designed a press for solid deformation study working under high pressure and high temperature. The sample already preinstalled in a vessel is loaded in the center of the press. models : Triaxial Press 6 Gpa 1500°C for Solid Deformation, Triaxial Press 40 Mpa 50°C, Triaxial Press 100 Mpa 200°C, Triaxial Press 150 Mpa 200°C,