Title : Refractometers

Content : A Refractometer for every demanding Laboratory application for Measuring Refractive Index. Rudolph offers the widest range of refractometers available in the market. Rudolph is a leading analytical laboratory instrument supplier. For instance, we manufacture precision quality, benchtop instrumentation. We serve the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, Petro-Chemical, Food, Beverage, Flavor, fragrance, and Alcohol industries. Therefore, all our instruments are designed to meet specific application requirements.. Our instruments are designed to exceed your requirements. To meet many needs, we offer a range of models and numerous configurations. We are of course always pleased to advise you as you make a purchase decision for your laboratory.

Title : J257

Content : A highly versatile Refractometer, the Rudolph Research J257 was developed by working together with laboratory refractometer users from the polymer, petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and essential oil industries. The J257 is a fully Automatic, Digital Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and heating. In addition it has an extended Refractive Index (RI) measurement range. The J257 is part of the Rudolph Research Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line.

Title : J357

Content : The Rudolph J357 Automatic Refractometer, designed as a research quality instrument offers one of the highest measurement ranges of any instrument in the Rudolph refractometer product line. This instrument offers the same extra wide refractive index measurement range as our chemical industry refractometer models combined with the high accuracy of our food industry refractometer models. It also offers very powerful automatic electronic temperature control (heating and cooling) and is able to make RI and BRIX measurements at up to 100 °C.

Title : J457

Content : The J457 Laboratory Refractometer is the most capable instrument in the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line. 3 models/configurations are available. All come with Rudolph’s exclusive Smart Measure™ Technology that virtually insures accurate Refractive Index (RI) and BRIX, measurements by automatically detecting sample problems. The J457 can determine when the prism is improperly cleaned, insufficient sample is loaded, or if the instrument is improperly calibrated. Various configurations are available for a small footprint, wall mount, or a remote-read factory configuration. All models come with a digital touch screen, and our Dual Temperature Control System utilizing Peltier Technology.