Mammography Systems

Title : Mammography Systems

Content : IMS Giotto offers a wide range of mammography solutions, most of them with digital imaging, to cover any possible clinical need from screening to advanced diagnostic. Contrast-Enhanced Mammography and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis are now within everyone’s reach.


Content : Advanced and innovative breast tomosynthesis system including the integrated capability to generate full-field digital mammography (FFDM) images. It offers a wide range of functions, such as FFDM, DBT (with optional synthetic image G-View), Dual Energy (CESM) and image-guided biopsy. Featuring a unique and ergonomic design to ensure patient comfort and easiness for the operator: the gantry is able to tilt and rotate down 90° for interventional procedures with the patient in prone position.


Content : Highly versatile digital mammographic system with the latest FFDM and DBT technology, suitable for both screening and diagnostic mammography. GIOTTO CLASS S offers a wide range of functions, such as conventional 2D mammography, DBT (with synthetic image G-View), stereotactic or tomo-guided biopsies with close to 360° approach and Dual Energy (CESM). Thanks to the single-column stand the system is very compact, while the increased speed of the gantry’s movement and positioning produce high throughput. The user-friendly Raffaello software interface ensures a seamless workflow and optimal image quality.


Content : GIOTTO IMAGE 3DL is an elegant digital mammography system for the highest comfort of both patients and radiographers, thanks to the perfect ergonomic design and the complete and intuitive user interface. The system enhances his flexibility through the inclination toward the patient for an easier positioning, upward to allow the relaxation of the pectoral muscle for more breast tissue visualization and the possibility to perform stereotactic biopsies, even in prone position.