MALDI-Based Instruments and Solutions / MALDI Imaging Solutions

Title : MALDI-Based Instruments and Solutions / MALDI Imaging Solutions

Content : MALDI Imaging Solutions Products

Title : Benchtop MALDI-TOF Imaging Starter Kit

Content : The Shimadzu imaging benchtop MALDI-TOF solution provides access for all to molecular imaging, through the introduction of a full imaging solution

Title : iMScope QT

Content : The iMScope QT boasts not only fusion with morphology studies but also excellent speed, sensitivity, and spatial resolution, clearing the way to next-generation mass spectrometry imaging.

Title : iMLayer

Content : The iMLayer matrix vapor deposition system is sample pretreatment (application of matrix) in order to perform MALDI-MS imaging using an analysis system such as the iMScope imaging mass microscope or the MALDI-7090. With the iMLayer, the deposition method has been adopted as a pretreatment method to achieve high spatial resolution. By using this method, fine matrix crystal can be produced. Also, thanks to automated control, the coating thickness is reproducibly controlled as users configure.

Title : iMLayer AERO

Content : The iMLayer™ AERO incorporates a sample stage that moves at a controlled rate while maintaining the same distance from the spray nozzle, enabling stable matrix spraying. Over multiple strokes, the sample becomes laminated with fine matrix crystals, enabling high sensitivity and high spatial resolution.