Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry / Single Quadrupole LC-MS

Title : Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry / Single Quadrupole LC-MS

Content : Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry is a versatile tool that can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Shimadzu’s triple quad LC-MS/MS instruments offer superior performance and sensitivity to meet the demands of high-level quantitative analysis including pesticide screening, drug-of-abuse testing, environmental monitoring and biomarker evaluation.

Title : LCMS-2050

Content : The LCMS-2050 single quadrupole mass spectrometer combines the user-friendliness of an LC detector with the excellent performance of MS to provide a complete package of easy to use high-level performance and compactness. To make it accessible to all users, the system is enhanced with technology and functions to ensure that even technicians unfamiliar with mass spectrometers can easily and efficiently perform analysis. While delivering operational convenience on par with an LC detector, the LCMS-2050 provides the high speed, high sensitivity, and wide mass range that are the hallmarks of Shimadzu mass spectrometers. Capable of analyzing a wide range of compounds from high to low polarity, the LCMS-2050 can be used in a variety of markets and applications. This new mass spectrometer system is also equipped with data analysis features using Analytical Intelligence and eco conscious functions, which contribute to labor and energy savings in the laboratory.

Title : LCMS-2020

Content : LCMS-2020 is optimized for the Prominence UFLC/UFLCXR Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph. Novel patent-pending technologies offer significantly enhanced scan speed and positive-negative ion polarity switching time, which are essential for UFLC, and simultaneously boost sensitivity. The instrument combines the excellent compound selectivity that is a feature of the mass spectrometer with significantly enhanced total productivity – from method development to analysis. The LCMS-2020 plays a useful role in a range of fields, including the synthesis of compounds in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.