Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry / Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

Title : Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry / Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

Content : Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry is a mass detection technology that can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Shimadzu’s triple quad GC-MS offers ultimate high-speed and high-sensitivity analysis with unparalleled performance to meet your analysis needs in fields such as food safety, cannabis testing, forensics, and more.​ Shimadzu's triple quadrupole GC-MS systems provide outstanding functionality, a variety of smart features, easy maintenance designs, and intuitive software, all of which can help you streamline your workflows and improve laboratory ROI. Our portfolio includes the GCMS-TQ8050 NX and the GCMS-TQ8040 NX. Browse Shimadzu’s entire product range below.

Title : GCMS-TQ8050 NX

Content : The Shimadzu triple-quad GCMS-TQ8050 NX, equipped with a highly efficient detector and three forms of noise-reduction technology, is capable of performing unprecedented quantitative GC-MS/MS analyses of ultra-trace amounts down to the femtogram level. With its ultra-high sensitivity and high mass resolution, a whole new realm of quantitative analysis is offered, with reduced maintenance frequency, lower long-term operational costs, and less downtime.​ This GC-MS system plays an important role in industries such as food safety, cannabis testing, aroma analysis, forensics, dioxins (food, environment), and more.

Title : GCMS-TQ8040 NX

Content : The Shimadzu triple-quad GCMS-TQ8040 NX features smart technologies to boost the efficiency of routine analytical work. For example, Smart MRM provides fully-automated MRM method development. It automatically determines all optimum transitions and collision energies, seamlessly incorporating them into the Smart Database Series. With features like this, the GCMS-TQ8040 NX GC-MS/MS is so smart it almost runs itself! Perfect for applications in fields such as environmental monitoring and food science.