Fluid Properties Instruments

Title : Fluid Properties Instruments

Content : Core Lab Instruments, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of laboratory instrumentation for the petroleum industry. In addition to equipment, Core Lab also delivers robust calculation and database software solutions, accompanied by comprehensive training conducted by our team of laboratory analysis experts to address all your reservoir description needs, including PVT, Core, and EOR analyses.

Title : PVT Instrument

Content : The equipment can measure pressures, temperatures, and volumes automatically and record them by data acquisition processing. It can be used to measure bubble or dew point and gas/liquid interface.

Title : Gasometry Instruments

Content : Accuracy of measurements : Volume : +/- 0.1 mL Pressure : +/- 0.1 mbar Temperature : +/- 0.1°C Specifications : Our gasmeter is equipped with absolute linear encoder. Calibrated tube Absolute pressure sensor 5 sampling bottles (75 mL, 100 mL or 150 mL) All wetted parts are made of SS316 Full automation with FALCON®

Title : GOR Instruments

Content : The GOR apparatus measures the gas-oil ratio of live oil samples at standard conditions.

Title : Recombination Instruments

Content : To ensure proper recombination of gas and oil samples at high pressure and high temperature, recombination cells are available with a hydraulic piston, Teflon/Vespel packing, magnetic stirrer agitation, and manual or automatic rocking.

Title : Viscosity Instruments

Content : Perform viscosity studies with a low volume of monophasic fluid (less than 3 ml fixed volume) at reservoir conditions for gas and liquid samples. These capillary viscometers measure the fluid viscosity by analyzing the fluid pressure variation passing through a capillary tube. Equipment software provides for automatic measurements and procedures.

Title : Special Fluid Analysis Instruments

Content : - Jet Impingement - Sapphire Cell 100 ml 500 bar - Sapphire Cell 200 ml 200 bar - Test Inhibitor Scale Rig 700 bar

Title : Sample Preparation Instruments

Content : ST Sample Restoration System ensures proper mixing of sample fluids thanks to heating jackets and controllers. Cylinders are placed in heating jackets on each side of the apparatus. Temperature can be adjusted and the motorized rocking system allows stirring of the cylinders.Of course, number of cylinders can be adjustable upon customer request. This apparatus can be delivered upon request with adaptors to fit any diameter of bottles present on the market.

Title : On-site Instruments

Content : To support the time-sensitive data needs of exploitation and exploration, transportable units provide quality tests for PVT at any location. Onfield Laboratory Onfield Viscometer Onfield Recombination Cell

Title : HPM Densitometer System

Content : The HPM Densitometer System was developed to allow the measurement of dry gases to fluid densities at elevated temperatures (max. 2000°C, 3920°F) and pressures (max. 20,000 psig). The oven is also capable of operating at sub-ambient temperatures (min. approx. 10°C, 180°F below ambient) due to the inclusion of an air vortex cabinet cooler.