C-arm Systems

Title : C-arm Systems

Content : Mobile C-arm fluoroscopic X-ray systems are used for various diagnostic imaging. In the operating room C-arm systems help visualize procedures in a multitude of surgical settings. One of the greatest advantages of the mobile C-arm is its ability to move around the patient, that enables achievement of an optimum angle for a high-quality image without causing discomfort to the patient. GMM offers a full range of C-arm systems, providing utmost reliability and operational efficiency.

Title : Symbol FP

Content : A portable C-arm system for digital fluoroscopy with flat panel detectors, Symbol FP is equipped with exclusive devices ensuring precise and rapid positioning, allowing the selection of the best projection for any procedure. The advanced acquisition devices and digital system provide high quality and DICOM complaint images at the lowest dose. Symbol FP is available in configurations studied to meet the operator’s needs in different surgical and cardiovascular application

Title : Symbol R9

Content : A highly innovative portable C-Arm system for digital fluoroscopy and radiography, Symbol provides utmost reliability, operational efficiency and improved workflow. Its exceptional design combined with the high contrast image intensifier and the wide configuration availability ensure high quality and DICOM complaint images in a variety of procedures. The “smart dose” feature plays a central role in guaranteeing exceptional results while upholding the patient’s safety.